A New Era in the Sandalwood

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The South Cinema thalli has four succesora based on the languages, going with the "wood" nomenclature they are, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood and Sandalwood respectively.

While the Malayalam films are crucially acclaimed across the nation, Telugu cinema borders have been erased and Spread global , needless to speak about Tamil cinema , the flying sparks of the Kannada cinema often lay low.

Previously, Kannada cinema didn't have much impact on the other language audiences in the south. Movie lovers of other languages ​​weren't aware of the films being made in Kannada. But when Yash and Prashant Neel created a sensation across the country with the `KGF' series, the whole world started looking at Kannada cinema.

Even those who didn't know about Kannada cinema in the past are now curious about it. Compared to the past, the situation has changed in Kannada cinema. Films like KGF and KGF 2 have created a worldwide sensation and a new history in Kannada cinema by earning huge collections. With this series of movies, Kannada cinema has started gaining the attention of audiences across the country. Producers and Distributors are now competing for the d rights to Kannada films.

After tremendous hits like ``KGF 2'', the Kannada industry started showing momentum across the country. Movies like Rakshit Shetty's ``Charlie 777'' and Kiccha Sudeep's "Vikrant Rona'' made the Kannada industry famous all over the country.

But the recently released ``Kantara'' is now making the name of the Kannada industry resonate across the country. This movie which was released as a regional movie has now become a Pan-India wonder. Due to the increasing trend of terrific word of mouth, the movie has been released in Telugu, and Hindi and is also going to release in Malayalam language next week. 

Based on a regional tradition of worshipping a coastal God, the movie starring director and hero Rishabh Shetty in the main role is creating a sensation all over. Currently, this movie is getting a huge craze in Telugu and is reporting house fulls everywhere.

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