Ori Devuda - Reasonably Engaging

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Movie: Ori Devuda 

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Vishwaksen-Mithila Palkar-Asha Bhatt-Murali Sharma-Rahul Ramakrishna-Naginidu-Venkatesh Kakumanu-Victory Venkatesh (cameo) and others

Music: Leon James

Cinematography: Vidhu Ayanna

Lyrics: Tarun Bhaskar

Producers: Prasad V. Potluri-Dil Raju

Written-Directed by: Aswat Marimuthu

Arjun (Vishwaksen) and Anu (Mithila Palkar) are childhood friends. Arjun says okay to marry Anu as Anu likes him and both get married. But Arjun does not have any feelings for Anu. Conflicts erupt in their camps. A situation arises where both have to divorce. Arjun, who finds life with Anu hellish and ready to break up with her, is given a second chance by God. What was that chance? How did Arjun's life turn around because of it? And how his journey with Anu finally reached is the rest of the story.

Director Aswath Marimuthu presented an interesting idea of Life giving second chance with different screenplay and narration in the movie 'O My Kadavule'. He has now remade the same in Telugu with the title 'Ori Devava'. 

The highlight of this is the point that if there is a second chance in life and if after effects of lives on it. Fantasy ideas like these will appeal to everyone.

Director was successful in getting almost the same effect as in the original except for a few scenes. It's natural thing with remakes, anytime the original will have that special touch. This impact will be there in every remake and only a few films will surpass the original.

First half of the film is on the more funnier side and the second half has more emotional depth. Fun parts were fine and the scenes involving vishwak Sen and venkatesh will cater the audience who seek entertainment.

Second half has better impact with the emotions working out well. The moment hero starts realising, the movie gets to the next level but at a point it might look like that it is getting too overloaded. That's where the director impressively changes the track and ends the movie on a happy note with fun touch in the climax.

Vishwak Sen was natural and mithila palkar was also good. Asha Bhatt, Murali Sharma, venkatesh kakumanu, Rahul ramakrishna and others were apt. Victory Venkatesh was good in a crucial cameo.

Music by Leon James was very good, all songs nicely fitted into the movie's narration. Background score was also nice. Cinematography by Vidhu Ayyanna suited the film's mood.

Overall, 'Ori Devuda' is nicely made entertainer with enough emotions and fun working out. 

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