Puri Jagannath files a police case against distributors

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It is known that the movie 'Liger' directed by Puri Jagannath was a disaster at the box office. As a result, producers and buyers have suffered huge losses.

But there is a dispute going on between the director, producer Puri, and the buyers. The issue has become a sensation because Puri has complained to the police about the distributors and that there is a danger to his family's life because of them.

In this order, Puri registered a case against the distributors at Jubilee Hills Police Station on Wednesday night.

In his complaint, Puri Jagannath alleged that distributor Warangal Srinu and financier Shobhan Babu were inciting others to be violent towards his family. He said that he is currently in Mumbai. In his absence, they are harassing his family physically and mentally and trying to collect money illegally.

It has been brought to your notice that Warangal Srinu and Shobhan Babu have instigated the sub-distributors against me through WhatsApp who want to collude with each other and collect money illegally from me. This is a clear case of blackmailing and harassment.

If any of Warangal Srinu or sub-distributors have any complaint or believe that I owe any amount.. they should have filed a civil case in the appropriate court. But they cannot threaten me with any illegal means to collect money that I do not owe to them.

Therefore given the above facts and circumstances, I request that strict action to be taken against Warangal Srinu and G. Shobhan Babu for inciting others to violence. Puri Jagannath stated in his complaint that he's seeking protection for himself and his family.

Meanwhile, due to the movie 'Liger', along with Puri, the distributors and buyers have suffered a lot. But the recent audio shows that Puri has come forward to pay some compensation. Puri said that even if there is no need to return the money to anyone, they have also lost.

Puri stated that he will pay money to all the people except those who did dharna. The phone call went viral.

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