Ram Setu - An engaging adventure ride

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Rating: 3.25/5

Actors - Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline, Satyadev, Nushrat Barucha, Nazar, etc.

Directed by - Abhishek Sharma

Music - Ajay-Atul, Vikram Mantras, Daniel B George

Producers - Arun Bhatia, Vikram Malhotra

Ram Setu' the latest Diwali release starring Akshaye Kumar is a movie based on the miraculous bridge built by Lord Rama about seven thousand years ago. This Abhishek sharma directorial has created a moderate hype among the audience, thanks to the visuals from the teaser and trailer. Let's get into the details. 


Ram Setu is about a veteran archaeologist Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha (Akshay Kumar with long hair and a distinguished grey beard), a non-believer, who is tasked with disproving the reality of the Ram Setu, the bridge between India and Sri Lanka described in Valmiki’s Ramayana. However, he finds that the structure may be man-made, implying Lord Ram may be historical after all. The film is the story of how Dr. Aryan dodges obstacles to find a lost trail in search of Ravana’s golden Lanka, helped by an environmentalist Dr. Sandra (Jacqueline Fernandez), and a local Lankan guide AP (Satya Dev).


The movie starts on an interesting note and goes on a decent path till the midpoint. Some of the things revealed about the ancient structure of Ram Setu will definitely excite the audience. While the first half is decent, some of the chasing scenes in the second half and the scene where Aryan walks on Ram Setu were too good.

The movie has a good story backed by an effective background score. The VFX and CGI are not that great though. But what makes up for that is the stunning underwater sequences. The way director Abhishek Sharma paid attention to the details and captured the beauty and grandeur of submerged Ramsetu in the Indian Ocean are commendable. 

However the movie looks like lost it's way for some time in the second half, the idea of looking for proof of Ravan being true in Lanka was very fascinating, but the journey of such an exciting point could have been more thrilling.

However the movie makes up for its flaws with an effective court room climax. What's more interesting was the tail end part after that climax, which makes the whole point of AP's character and further appreciable.

Akshay Kumar has impressed in the role of an archaeologist. Jacqueline Fernandez was decent, Nushrat Barucha doesn't have much scope and Nazar was apt. But the film's surprise package was Satyadev who has admiringly been outstanding with his performance in his Bollywood debut. 

Daniel B. George's background score was impressive. Asim Mishra's cinematography and visuals are a plus for the movie. Arun Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra's production values ​​are rich. 


Interesting Plot 

Satyadev's role 


Action and adventure scenes 


Some underwhelming scenes 

Few logical issues 

Bottom Line: An impressive action adventure 

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