Acharya - A disaster at its best

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Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Chiranjeevi,
Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde, Sonu Sood, Jisshu Sen Gupta, Tanikella Bharani, Nazar,
Ajay and others.

Music Director: Mani Sharma

Produced by: Konidela Productions and Matinee Entertainment Private Limited

Directed by:
Koratala Shiva

Shiva is known for making commercial films with a messaging environment. All
his films have a moral touch on the main character and are mixed with hero
elevation scenes.

But in 
Acharya, he follows a typical commercial route by mixing a temple town backdrop
with a Naxal hero in the hideout.

The basic idea was
not that great, and the execution was flat all the way. Neither the agony faced
by the people of Dharmasthali was reflected nor did the character of Acharya
have any depth.

Initial scenes
looked too inactive and there was a continuous feeling of lethargy. Also, a few
scenes that could have lifted the momentum were brought down by a weird
background score. But the pre-interval episode had some sort of impact.

Siddha's character
in the second half was intended to lift the movie fails to do so. His character
was also brought without the proper establishment. Though some dialogues worked
out, the whole episode couldn't pass the ordinary level.

A much-hyped
combination of father and son and scenes between the two may impress the
fandom, especially the expression of Chiranjeevi in the forest fight after
saving Ram Charan gives a vintage feel. Bhale Banjara song too came well.

As far as the
performances, Megastar Chiranjeevi looked good and delivered a few punch
dialogues with ease but other than that there was hardly anything to do. Ram
Charan too looked confident but even his character was not established cleanly.
Pooja Hegde was just present, Sonu Sood, Jisshu Sen Gupta, Ajay, and Tanikella
Bharani were alright.

Mani Sharma's songs
were fine, the background score was terrible in the first half. Only in the
second half does it gathers some good work.

Acharya is engaging
only in parts and solely depends on the star power rather than the



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