Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam - Slow but beautiful

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Rating: 3/5

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Rukshar Dhillon, Ritika Nayak, Goparaju Ramana
and others

Music: Jay Krish

Director of Photography: Pavi K Pavan

Editor: ViplavNyshadam

Producers: Bapineedu B and Sudheer Edara

Directed by: Vidya Sagar Chinta

 The lead actors' controversy with a TV channel in recent times, has
attained curiosity among the cine-goers. Now let's see what the film has been
able to gain with its actual content.


Arjun Kumar Allam (Vishwak Sen) who has a point to prove to his family and the
people of his region by tying the knot is engaged to Madhavi (Rukhsar Dhillon).
Unfortunately at his engagement time, lockdown is announced and he's forced to
live with his family at the Madhavi's home. In due process, he finds out that
madhavi is not certainly into the marriage and tries to convince and win
her. Will he be able to do so? Is the rest of the story.


film writer and showrunner Ravi Kumar Kolanu has received a good name with his
directorial debut. This time too he comes up with a good romance cum family
drama touching on some contemporary issues.

character arc of the main character was properly etched with very good progression
throughout the movie. We love him, laugh at him sometimes and laugh with him
too sometimes. Finally, we want him to stand up for his intentions. 

counterpart character is also impressive though it had some formulaic touch at
first. The whole track between these two came out well. The audience doesn't
see coming it but feels happy when it happens. 

first half moves at a nice pace and hardly had any boring moments. The second
half starts on a shakier note but eventually gets things right as the movie
moves forward. Climax gives a satisfactory feel.

the flip side of the movie, the lockdown concept has no more stuff to
entertain, and it doesn't add any special value. Starting fifteen minutes of
the second half could have been completely done away with. 

and camera work (very good in few scenes) complement the film with their good



performance by the Vishwak Sen is impressive, it's a new kind of character for
him but he successfully performs it. Newcomer Ritika Nayak was cute and quite
promising.Rukshar Dhillon had hardly anything to do but she looked gorgeous in
"Oh Aadapilla" Song. Goparaju Ramana was too good and so was
Kaadambari Kiran, Vennela Kishore got wasted. Other artists were appropriate.

some drawbacks are there like dead slow narration and weak initial part at the
second half,what worked for the movie was the sincerity in the narration.


Slow but beautiful.


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