JW-3: An Epic Conclusion or Conclusion to an Epic?

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An Epic Conclusion or Conclusion to an Epic? 

** Spoiler Alert 

Watching the conclusion of one of the epic franchises raises
multiple questions...

Should writers confine themselves more to the Template
defined by the franchise rather than being creative with the script?

Is Hollywood out of ideas and watching South Indian cinema
for plot points?

Curse of Conclusion in Trilogies: Do we have any such
trilogy which ended without a mixed review in the conclusive final instalment?

What goes wrong in this format of narration, how better can
Trilogies be handled?


Coming to the Jurassic World....


With Dinosaurs finally coming out of Isla Nublar into
Lockwood estates in Fallen Kingdom , the post credits of the same showing
Pteranodons landing on The Eiffel tower, Raptor moving into human habitat or
the T-rex silencing the King of the Jungle , there could have been multiple
ways to portray how humans co-exist with dinosaurs and the consequences , the
idea of humans being intelligent species vs the ferocious Beasts i.e., the
brain vs the brawn path could have leaded to the conclusion of the epic which
is part of a theme which was part of movie lovers for 30+ years.

But this is where the limitation of sticking to the template
of franchise blocks the creative freedom of the writer I guess!! As you can
see, though the above-mentioned possibilities were sprinkled here and there in
the narration they were not used as primary plot rather they introduced a new
thread into the existing story skeleton "Genetically engineered Locust
Swarms destructing crops" an activity lead by evil corporate mafia BIOSYN
(inspired from South Asian movies?).

By this we get to see the same movie again

•             An Evil
corporate trying to exploit dinosaurs

•             Stronger
and Meaner Dinosaurs

•             Pay
tributes to the older movies in franchise

•             Burn the

•             Escape
from the Island and

•             T Rex
saving the day.


With all these dishes to be served in the platter Jurassic
World-Dominion does deliver to the needs of the franchise lovers by showing new
dinosaurs like Atrociraptor, Pyroraptor, Carnotarus, Quetzalcoaltus,
Therizinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Whatnotsaurus and Whocaressaurus etc. It also
keeps the staple T-Rex, Raptor team intact.

In the process of uniting old trilogy with the new one
Jurassic World Dominion not only brings back Doctor Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcom,
but also brings back the Dilophosarus.

This old trio meets the new team lead by Owen Grady to save
the baby raptor aka beta, Macy Lockwood, in-turn the entire human race from
extinction, The T-Rex does its duty of saving the day and eventually the
dinosaurs learn how to co-exist in the current world.

Though the Atrociraptor Chase in Malta, Glimpses of new
dinosaurs, visual effects of burning locust swarm and the vintage factors are
worth your ticket the run time of the movie and lack of innovative story may
make the movie boring for non-franchise lovers.

However, Considering the curse of conclusion in Trilogies,
Jurassic World-Dominion is way better than the Jurassic Park 3...

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