Tribute to KK

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“He took 5 and half hours to learn correct pronunciations for the song Nee Kosame Ee Anweshana in Nuvvu Nenu. He has lot of patience” excerpts from RP Patnaik’s interview to Idlebrain.     

 Above lines shows how dedicated KK was. He has sung 100+ songs in Telugu for almost every hero and music director in 2000s. Many of his songs were huge hits and classics, whether it may be Yeh mera jaha or Chaila Chaila or Feel my love they still remains as greatest hits for those heroes.

Born to a Malayalee family in Delhi KK always had the passion for music and singing. He sung for around 3000 jingles before coming into Playback back singing. He got his first chance and breakthrough with AR Rahman’s College style and Hello doctor. 

KK’s impeccable talent can be seen from the first song college style. He sung the song along with Hari Haran and Mano. Especially he took the song into another level from second charanam which starts with the lines “cellular phone laga meeru unnatlaithe”. 

KK gave his voice for Strawberry Penne in Minsare Kanavu ( Merupu Kalalu in Telugu) which was done by Mano in Telugu. One cannot stop appreciating the variations shown by an upcoming singer with such difficult song and lyrics. 

           KK got his first biggest Telugu hit with the song Ye Mera Jaha from Kushi composed by Mani Sharma. Even though the song is completely written in Hindi it was a huge rage among the Telugu youth and children. Pawan Kalyan is one hero who got most of KK voice. They have 5 songs in their combo all of them are blockbuster songs.

KK had beautiful soulful voice which can melt your heart in melodious tune. Gurthukostunnay from Na autograph is a classic song which would make you emotional every time you listen. Beside great lyrics KK’s soulful singing made the song such classic. There are many such examples throughout his career. 

We always felt KK never got the problem of pronouncing Telugu words and expressions. Chaila Chaila a fun song from Shankar dada MBBS is a great example to show the ability of KK expressive voice and how good he was with Telugu. 

Mani Sharma, RP Patnaik are the two music directors who used KK the most for Telugu songs. While the former gave him blockbuster hero introduction songs and duets like Ye mera jaha, Le le le, Dayi Dayi damma,avnu nijam nuvante nakistam, the later got melodious and emotional songs with him like Nee kosame ee Anweshana, nuvve naku pranam etc. DSP is another music director who gave KK great chances show his talent and some classic songs to our joy. Feel my love is one such song which remains top song in Allu Arjun’s career even today. 

Though he born into a Malayalee family KK has sung only one Malayalam song in his entire career.
KK sung his last Telugu song Cheliya Cheliya way back in 2014 for Devi Sri Prasad for the movie Yevadu. KK was more interested in Music shows after 2010 and he sung very less songs in all the languages. Though his new songs were very less, KK continued his musical journey successfully with music shows. During an interview with Hindustan times KK said “The live performances in front of the audience made him happy and he did not want to break away from his commitment to the audience”. 

            We changed from time Tape Recorders to CD players to mp3 players to Spotify but some people and their music always stays with us forever and KK will be one among them.
We lost 3 beautiful singers S.P. Balasubramanyam, Lata Mangeshkar, KK in last 20 months. It is very difficult as a music lover to accept the truth that we are not going to listen their voice again.
KK is survived by his wife and 2 children both are also into music.
Tributes to the Modern Legend KK. 

We miss you...

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