Thank you Movie Review

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Rating: 2.75


Abhi (Chaitanya) is the CEO of Vydhya, who always thrives on the success he now owns. In the process, he becomes self-centric and selfish. His Girlfriend Priya(Rashi) leaves him for the same reason which forces him to introspect and rethink through a journey to meet the most important people in his life and thank them. Did his priorities in life change? Did he try to patch things up with Priya? 


It is a tale that acknowledges the fact of how important to thank the people who made a difference in your life.

A simple story that could have been worked but it's weighed down by cheap visuals and draggy bits.


Chaitanya delivers a satisfying performance, his transformation from teenager to Adult is believable. Rashi is decent in her role, but they both don’t look great together. 

Malvika acted well. Avika's character as Chinnu stands out in the film.


BGM from Thaman is fitting, songs are good on screen.

This story requires good visuals but the most experienced PC Sreeram’s work is disappointing.


1. Chaitanya's performance

2. Background Score

3. Avika’s character


1. Lead pair casting 

2. PC Sriram’s Cinematography

3. Story has resemblance to other movies

Last Lines: Thank You has its moments but is riddled with many bumps.

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