Prabhas fans do unusual trend

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Prabhas is a name that needs no introduction and his fans do not seem to be too happy about what is happening with the darling hero’s career now. While his current projects on floors Salaar and Adipurush are the much-awaited ones worldwide, the fuss now is about the one in the pipeline. 

It is already known that Prabhas has okayed a movie with Maruthi as the director who is on a string of flops for the past few years. His movies have failed to impress the audience for a while now and his last outing Pakka Commercial turned out a disaster for viewing a part from being commercially as well. This now has become a cause for concern for Prabhas fans who are not at all amused with the project. 

To showcase their disappointment, they are currently trending #BoycottMaruthiFromTFI and are indicating their hero to not sign the dotted line for the movie which is tentatively titled “Raja Deluxe”. This movie at this point in the hero’s career is not right in what they have to say on the social media platform.
Will the hero take notice? And if he does, will he pay heed? Let’s find out soon!

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