Prabhas - Maruthi movie held pooja ceremony

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After 'Baahubali',
Pan India star Prabhas is doing continuous huge budget movies. He is doing
back-to-back huge projects to suit the craze that he has developed. It is known
that Prabhas is currently acting in three crazy projects. 

Of which the first
one is the mythological movie 'Aadi Purush' under the direction of Bollywood
director Om Raut. The shooting of this movie has been completed and is getting
ready for release on January 12th, 2023. 
While filming these
three huge projects, Prabhas okayed a regular entertainer with crazy director
Maruthi. Star producer DVV Danayya has bankrolled this movie. Prabhas wanted to
do a normal movie without all the hype and budget and that's why he selected
this film but recently there were reports that Prabhas had changed his mind
after Maruti's 'Pakka Commercial' became a disaster and left the project. 

According to the
latest news, the movie is still on, but the producer has been changed. In place
of Danayya, T.G. Vishwaprasad is going to produce this project under the
People Media Factory banner. Today the movie had a formal Pooja ceremony at
Annapurna Studios. Director Maruti has given clarity to the media that the
regular shooting of this project, will start in November.

The title of the
movie is
rumored to be 'Raja Deluxe' which has become quite popular but
nothing has been confirmed officially. The movie is said to be set as a horror
comedy thriller. Apart from that, it is being reported that the whole shooting
of this movie will be done in India. 

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