Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Trailer Review

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Panja Vaishnav Tej, the nephew of Megastar Chiranjeevi, had achieved a record blockbuster with his first movie 'Uppena'. But the next outing of Vaishnav Tej  'Konda Polam' was a major disappointment to everyone involved in the project.  Vaishnav's latest film is 'Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga', who is determined to score a big hit with this film.

First, it was announced that the film will be released on July 1. But that date was changed and it was announced that it will be released again on July 13. Later it was postponed from that date as well and now it will hit the audience on September 2nd.

Recently, the release dates of many movies have been postponed one after another. Naga Chaitanya's 'Thank you, Nikhil Siddharth's Karthikeya 2, Ravi Teja starrer Rama Rao On Duty... all have changed their release dates. Vaishnav Tej has also joined that category with Ranga Ranga Vibhava, of which Trailer has been released this evening.

Click here for Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Trailer

Going by trailer, the movie looks like a conventional youthful and family entertainer.  Both the hero and heroine are childhood friends and their parents are also friends. But due to a small fight in childhood, the hero and heroine both hate each other and stop talking. And when they are about to clear the misunderstandings and reunite, problems between the two families raise. The makers have given a clear picture of what elements are in the movie by the trailer.

Girishaya, who made his debut as a director with the Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy - 'Aditya Varma', is making his debut in the Telugu Film Industry with this film. The film is being Produced by BVSN Prasad, Music by DevisriPrasad has already created a good buzz for the film. The pair of Vaishnav Tej and Kethika Sharma is also adorable. Let's hope that the film will be a huge success.

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