MAI postpones NATIONAL CINEMA DAY to 23rd September

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Cinema always comes down to experience beating the cast,
story, writing, anything, and everything else. Multiplexes have made this
easier for the movie’s buffs. However not all the audience put out a similar
opinion on this, as the ticket prices are expensive. And it's only hiked much
more after the pandemic which has filtered out further more crowd in the theatres.

That being said the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has
recently announced a standard price of ₹75 for any movie ticket on September
16, commemorating the National Cinema Day. This is to convey gratitude to
everyone who helped the growth and business of multiplexes nationwide,
expresses MAI. The ticket prices would be followed the same by PVR, INOX,
CINEPOLIS, ASIAN, MIRA, CITYPRIDE and 4000 plus other screens in all the cities


However, the MAI recently released an official statement
stating changes to the prior mentioned. On the note of National Cinema Day
there are multiple movies coming out and running ticket offer on that very day
can pile huge losses is the concern put forth by the distributors. Addressing
it the latest statement by the MAI says the ₹75 ticker sale will be on the 23
rd of September rather than on the 16th.

The statement further adds that the National Cinema Day is
an occasion to bring together all the group of audiences to celebrate Cinema
and welcomes everyone to enjoy the same on the 23rd of this month.

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