Not RRR Not The Kashmir Files my friend do you know "Chhello Show"

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Oscars Oscars Oscars 


Ramcharan for Oscars !!

NTR for Oscars !!

RRRforOscars !!

Oscars Oscars Oscars 

Well RRR for Oscars from India has been the talk of the town for a while. But much to the disappointments of the movie fans a "Gujarati' movie has been listed as the official entry from India for Oscars. 

It's official now that a "Gujarati" film "Chhello Show" is the official entry of India for Oscars. Directed by Pan Nalin, embarks the journey of a kid Samay who has an unfathomable interest in movies which further runs through a series of events which he doesn't foresee. 

The contemporary audience of commercial cinema might not be aware till today that this "Gujarati" film has already won few awards in International film festivals. 

This official announcement from Film Federation of India that this "Gujarati" film will be India's official entries into Oscars has shut the curtains down a lot of movie audience especially to all those who were expecting that the spectacular RRR would make it to the list considering the fact that the global reception that the movie has received has been "phenomenal". 

This is not the first time that movie lovers have had to face such disappointment. If we recall a similar even there were huge expectations on yester year's delightful hit "Lagaan" to make it to the list but that didn't delightful hit "Lagaan" to make it to the list but that didn't happen too. 

Apart from RRR, The Kashmir Files, Shyamsingha Roy were other considerations for the nominations. While the selection process of Film Federation of India remains abstract we need to be less surprised with these kinds of decisions going forward.

However this neither changes the reception that "The Kashmir Files" has got, nor stop the global accolades that RRR continues to get. 

While we hope for the best to happen for "Chhelo Show" at the event .

Better luck next time for RRR fans. 

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