Regina’s joke on Harish. Or is it?

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In an interesting turn of events, a twitter banter became talk of the film circles now and twitterati are now taking sides on whether this banter was a friendly one or there’s some back story to it.

It all started when harish shankar tweeted wishing his hero Sai Dharam Tej and music director Mickey J Meyer for Subramanyam For Sale on it’s 7th anniversary of release. 

He left out the female lead of the movie in his tweet which was picked up by the heroine Regina and in all honesty, even if the reply was in all good humour, it didn’t seem all modest as it seemed a dig at ‘character’.

The reponse from the director however was friendly again and he quoted the heroine’s dialogue-cum-tweet ‘Seetha tho easy kadhu’ which would’ve settled any controversy that was breeding but twitter, as always ;), has been divided on its opinion still calling out that the heroine’s tweet was indeed a dig at the director. 

This not being the first time Regina responding when not included in a film’s context indeed hints that the tweet might have been serious but going to the extent of character might have been a step over the line from the fire brand lady.

It’s not the first time Harish is involved in a friendly/unfriendly banter, his intentional brawl with BVS Ravi earlier too the tweeple for a ride, it’s not first time for Regina voicing out for missing her name either. 

Looks like these kind of instances would cook never ending storms for sure, irrespective of them going in a funny way or not.

All said, was it all fun Harish and Regina ? Or not?

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