Sreevishnu Exhibits his unspoken love and Gratitude for Bunny

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Sree Vishnu is one of the versatile actors of Telugu cinema. Irrespective of the success at the box office he always comes up with a different story to be told to the audience. This is something which any movie enthusiast knows. 

Sree Vishnu's next project is a COP Drama ALLURI which depicts the life of a cop through a 20 year span. The movie's prerelease event was held recently, and it was graced by none other than our ICON Allu Arjun. What surprised us was that we had known Sree Vishnu as a calm guy until he started talking about Bunny. 

Sree Vishnu has revealed a lot of interesting things about his association with Bunny. He spoke about the inception of his journey in the movies and how Allu Arjun has been one of the strongest advisor and moral support to him . 

Some other interesting facts which he said were: 

Bunny asked me not to accept every movie that I get. Having a vision for the future of the industry, he told me to choose only different subjects. 

He was surprised to see the reach of Allu Arjun in his trips to Kerala and other parts of the world. He also talked about the reception he got for a small role in Son of Satyamurthy, which Sree Vishnu did as a gratitude without questioning about remuneration.

The most interesting part of the speech was when Sree Vishnu said that he had been to Leh where the content of oxygen in the atmosphere will be less ( as it's a high altitude region) and one of the cab drivers over there had recognised him as he had seen a dubbed version of Son Of Satyamurthy on YouTube and narrated all the dialogs and story to Sree Vishnu. Here came a statment 

"Oxygen leni deggara kuda me army undi" .

Contextually this might sound funny, but everyone was surprised to see this avatar of Sree Vishnu, a representation of his gratitude to his beloved ICON star.

Furthermore, he revealed the fact that he always makes sure that either within the movie title or the character name he plays, the signature phrase AA appears. This is another way he shows his gratitude to Allu Arjun.

Well while we leave that to the fans for a fact check, it's the oxygen part of the speech that is causing a sensation on socialmedia for both trolls and fans of ICON.

Leaving such things aside, we wish Sree Vishnu and the team Alluri all the best for the release. ALLURI is due for release on the 23rd of this month. Directed by Pradeep Verma the movie also stars Kayadu Lohar, Tanikella Bharani, Raja Ravindra, Ravi Verma and others.

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