The Party of BIG BOSS & BIGG BOSS in Rayalaseema

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Megastar Chiranjeevi and King Nagarjuna are bringing us their latest feast for this Dussehra inthe form of Godfather and The Ghost.

Both these films are gearing up for release on October 5th its after a gap of 15 years both these stars movies are releasing on the same day.

Both these movies are important for the stars, considering the debacle in the form of Acharya Megastar needs a stong come back to claim his throne at the box office.

Both the Stars havent started the promotions on a full swing but have kick started them for sure, it seems that both Boss and King have one common thing when it comes to the offscreen promotions. As they have chosen same area "Raayalaseema" pre release event.

It's been assumed that the choice of location is a common sentiment for both the actors.

Its a known news that the arrangements for the pre release event of Godfathr movie are being done on a brisk scale in Ananathapur as the event is being scheduled on 28th of this month, recently Nagarjuna also has announced that the pre release event of The-Ghost is going to be held in Kurnool, Rayalaseema on 25th of this month. 

While the arrangements of the pre-relase functions are going on in a brisk phase the fans still continue to stay surprised and have started discussions and debates on choosing Rayalaseema as the venue for hosting these events.

Well irrespective of these discussions, Dussehra is going to be a movie bonanza . 

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