Unstoppable Season-2 to start soon

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Aha OTT has officially announced an update regarding Balayya Unstoppable Season 2, which Nandamuri fans have been waiting eagerly. Aha, who has already made an official announcement about season 2, has recently released this poster and Nandamuri fans are looking forward to the second season starting as early as possible.

The unstoppable talk show has shown another side of Balayya to the audience and his fans who have been watching only one aspect of Balayya for years. No one would have imagined him doing an interactive show, but Balakrishna surprised everyone with his style and he entertainingly performed the Show.

That made Aha think that Unstoppable, which was supposed to be a single season, to continue seasons-wise. And sources say that even Balakrishna is also very much interested in doing consecutive seasons.

Balayya Unstoppable season 2 was scheduled to be streamed in August. But due to Balayya's earlier commitment to the movie of director Gopichand Malineni, it got delayed. It is reported that now, Balayya has allotted time for this talk show as the shooting of the film has finally come to an end.

Now Everyone is eagerly waiting to see who will be the guest in the first episode. It is known that actor Mohan Babu came as the first contestant in the first week of the last season. There are reports that there are chances of bringing Megastar Chiranjeevi for this season. 

Anyway, it is known that Megastar Chiranjeevi's Godfather movie is going to hit audiences on October 5th as a Dussehra gift. Fans of Mega Family and the Nandamuri clan will cherish the moment if Chiranjeevi will be the first guest of Unstoppable Season 2, as part of the promotional activities of his movie. Let's wish that the iconic combination will come true.

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