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Tamil industry's most awaited Multistarrer Ponniyin Selvan is going to hit the screens this week.

Many stars have played important roles in this movie. It is known that Vikram is also one of them. Vikram's previous films were disappointing at the box office. But fans are confident that this movie will give him huge success after a long time.

All over the country, the members of the film unit are making rounds as part of the promotional activities. The members of the unit told many things about the movie. However, the comments made by hero Vikram in a recent promotional event made people think about Indian culture rather than the movie. His words are currently doing rounds on social media.

Vikram said that many parts of our country have ancient buildings which were built hundreds of years ago, the reason behind the structures being still shouldn't be neglected and must be studied. Every ancient building is a wonder. We shouldn't be looking down to them.

It is difficult to find out the reason why the buildings built by the Chola kings a few hundred years ago are still strong. Apart from that, no one knows how such wonderful buildings were possible in that period. Those buildings stood strong facing even the earthquakes, but somehow we stopped paying attention to them and we are talking about the bent towers, the collapsed bridge he said.

Vikram went on to say that we divide our India into North and South and see many differences. Vikram expressed his opinion that we are all Indians. We all need to know the history of our country.. about the great historical buildings around us. He expressed his opinion that Ponniyin Selvan movie will show our history.

Regardless of language, Vikram's video is being shared by netizens on a large scale. Not only his Tamil fans, but the Telugu audience, and industry persons are also praising Vikram for his strong statements. 

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