Will Rajamouli say yes to the proposal of Allu Aravind?

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S S Rajamouli - there's no doubt to say that this name is now ruling Indian cinema. It is the only name that is now chanted by Tollywood makers as well as Bollywood circles too. Star makers are also chasing Rajamouli to bring in their huge projects and somehow make him part of the movie, or to market it or something else. His craze with Baahubali RRR has reached even Hollywood and he is hailed by even Hollywood technicians and the audience.

It is known that Bollywood makers have roped in Rajamouli as a presenter for their movie 'Brahmastra' recently. Karan Johar, who is the biggest producer of Bollywood asked Rajamouli to promote his film and Rajamouli agreed to it and promoted Brahmastra very happily. Karan Johar did the same back in 2015 for Bahubali. Now it was Rajamouli 's turn and he returned the favor. Now according to the sources, another crazy producer is trying to rope in Rajamouli for a mammoth project. He is none other than the star producer Allu Arvind.

Allu Aravind had a blockbuster movie like 'Magadheera' with Rajamouli and got a sensational success. The journey of Rajamouli stepping onto the next level started with Magadheera.

After this movie, these two did not do another movie together. But it has become interesting now that Allu Aravind and Rajamouli have been seeking help for years. Allu Aravind recently released the concept art for his huge project of Disney Plus Hot Star titled 'Mahabharat'.

Disney Plus hot star Allu Aravind announced this project to tell the story of Mahabharata in cartoons. But it needs an experienced director like Rajamouli to turn it into a meaningful web series. Without such a director, Allu's 'Mahabharat' effort will not work. 

Realizing the same, Allu Aravind wants to bring Rajamouli into the field to act as a showrunner partner for this web series which is going to be screened very ambitiously.

There are reports that Allu Aravind is in talks with Rajamouli and that if he is the showrunner, he will be included as a partner in this project produced by Allu Entertainments. Will Rajamouli agree to Allu Aravind or will he say no to their deal keeping in mind the animosity created during 'Magadheera'? 

We have to wait and see if Rajamouli will give Allu Aravind and the team a green signal or not. 

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