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Nothing is not troll-worthy in twitteropedia and the recent buzz of the town, Godfather’s trailer turned out no exception.

While the usual pun is anyways present, it is the petty things now that are taking center stage.

Specifically, a shot in the trailer released shows Chiru fighting Samuthirakani and the pose requires the hero kicking the policeman on his chest. In all fairness, the shot is not a bad one to be trolled but we do have a comparison model already, don’t we? Yes, the same shot from the original version of the film, Lucifer, played by Mohan lal was picked up for comparison where the hero managed to hold a better pose, well, at least as per the trollers. And this is where the angles of the pose comes in where the trolls at a point reached “my hero has a 120 degrees angle pose while yours only 90.”

As silly as it may seem, the troll sure trended for a while on the social media platform and either sides, instead of enjoying the content delivered, took to defence and dragged on the discussion to angles, properties used in the scene, how the villain was made to sit/stand. 

While this is all working in the favour of the movie, creating some buzz, however negative/positive it may be, it seems to be the happening trend now bringing in some or the other irrelevant topic to comparison to troll every other hero apart from their favourite. In the comparison of troll versus content, troll seems to be taking the lead by a distance, a dangerous trend we’d like to call.

As a controversial director once said, “No publicity is bad publicity” and the team of Godfather will be happily lapping this up to keep the buzz going.

On the flip side, what are your thoughts on this? In no doubt few trolls are funny but do you think a line is being crossed now more often than not? Do let us know.

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