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While content has been thought of as the main culprit for the lean path of Bollywood, it does not seem all as it also seems that continuity is playing a major role.

For whatever reasons, the delay of releases post Covid in Bollywood has diluted the footfalls for movies and within this 2 year gap Bollywood audience have found a taste for other language films available in OTT which seems to have bought about a major change in their interests.

Vikram Vedha, which stars a big ticket hero like Hrithik failed to even touch the 20 crore nett on its opening day and even with the talk being positive, the film is unable to grow big on the audience and at the box office. With the current trend, the movie might at the maximum end up as an above average fare which should be considered an under performance based on it's talk.

Content and/or promotions have played a big part of movies' success till date and the recent performance of Vikram Vedha suggests that promotions now, need to be better than before to get the audience interested in the movie and get them till the big screens, and that content alone isn't sufficient.

Bramhastra, which was a kind of event film for Bollywood, kept on persisting with promotions of different types and the movie, though an average fare, managed to mint in decent collections and has turned out in the top 5 grossers of 2022 till date.

And with this nose diving trend now, makers are offering discounted ticket prices for their movies, a discount as much as 50%. Ajay Devgan's "Drishyam 2" makers have offered a 50% discount to their movie's tickets while Amitabh's "Good Bye" team is offering their movie at a regular price of 150 on the opening day. While this is a good sign for audience, it is also an indication of the warning bells looming around Bollywood and their movies.

Can they storm the weather and get to their purple patch soon? Let's wait and watch.

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