God Father - A silent explosion indeed

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Rating - 3.25/5

Cast: Chiranjeevi-Nayanthara-Satyadev-Murali Sharma-Sunil-Brahmaji-Samudrakhani-Sarvadaman Banerjee-Salman Khan ( In a special role) etc.
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Story: Murali Gopi
Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhopal
Production: Mega Super Good Films-Konidela Production Company
Screenplay-Director: Mohan Raja


The sudden death of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister PK Ram Das (Sarvadaman Banerjee) raises the question of who will replace him. His son-in-law Jai (Satyadev) plans to take all the MLAs under his wing and tries to take the post of Chief Minister. His wife Satyapriya (Nayanthara), daughter of Ram Das, also believes in him. But to stop Jai, Satya's half-brother Brahma (Chiranjeevi), whose relationship with Satya is not good comes into the picture. what is Brahma's background? How did he stop Jai who was trying to take over Ram Das's family? How did he overcome the challenges faced in this process is the rest of the story.


Director Mohan Raja mostly followed the story of the original movie Lucifer, he took key episodes from it, and Cleverly added additional characters, scenes, and all the required commercial elements to suit the taste of the Telugu audience.

The movie starts a bit slow but after a few minutes into the movie, one is completely involved in the proceedings as the Megastar begins his magic. His
entry brings energy to the narration and from there the momentum picks up. Mohan Raja has written an interesting screenplay to give elevations to the hero at regular intervals as well as showing the villain powerfully.

Another highlight is the interval scene where elevation gave to the hero by showing how powerful the hero is even if he doesn't speak and communicates with his eyes. In the first half, the story moves smoothly. Though the second half starts a bit slowly and the film seems to have gone haywire for a while. But when the hero gets back up and starts retorting the villain, the tempo rises again. 

After that, the movie turns intresting in the final 40 minutes. The sentiment angle is also well developed. Pre climax action episode and the item song didn't work out but the climax again comes good with the powerful elevation given to the hero.


Megastar Chiranjeevi got a role that suits his age, it has a dignified yet massy touch. The most important thing was the way his eyes were used in heroic scenes, especially the interval
Chiranjeevi does complete justice to his role.

Satyadev shines in the negative role and he was very competent in the combination scenes with Chiranjeevi. Nayanatara does well though she had lesser screentime she makes her presence felt. Divi performs well in an important role. Sunil was impressive in s mysterious role. Samudrakhani was underutilized. Murali Sharma, Shafi, and others were apt. Salman Khan appears in a special role who does superficial stunts. His role may be liked by the masses but one gets a feeling that a star from the Telugu industry could have been a better choice for the role.

Background Score Thaman gives drug high kick. Songs were also good except for the item song at pre-climax.

Satyadev’s performance
Thaman’s BGM

Pre-climax episode 

Overall, Director handled the movie quite well by not spoiling the original and adapting it to local sensibilities. The film has good fan moments and whistle-worthy moments for commercial movie lovers too.

Boss is Back again!!!!

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