Kantara crosses Ponniyin Selvan

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Telugu audience have always been lovers of good cinema. Be it any hero or for that matter any language, they never bother about those things and enjoy the good content from wherever it comes.

Even if a dubbed movie comes with proper hype and the film delivers the expected result, then the sky will be the limit for that movie's appreciation and box office impact.

The latest Kannada film Kantara has caught the attention of the Telugu audience with its good content. Telugu audiences liked the film very much and in cities like Hyderabad, there was a huge demand for the shows of Kannada version. Seeing the craze for the movie, the film was dubbed into Telugu and released on Saturday i.e October 15th. While many Telugu movies are releasing this week and Godfather which was released last week is playing in major theatres.. our trade pundits are shocked to see the way Kantara is completely turning the Telugu audience towards it.

The film is running with huge occupancies and what's more fascinating is even the weekdays night shows are getting housefull. Kantara has collected a share of 8 crores in just 4 days and is all set to cross the Telugu version of Ponniyin Selvan, which has collected 10 crores share from the Telugu states.

Last month, when the Tamil blockbuster 'Ponniyan Selvan' was released, the Tamil audience and the critics were very excited. Mani Ratnam, who directed this film based on the novel of the same name which is hugely popular in Tamil, impressed the Tamil audience very much. 

But the Telugu audience didn't seem much impressed with the movie and it received an ordinary response in the Telugu version. It managed to get good Openings but it crashed after a good first weekend. Overall it fared as above average at the box office in the Telugu States.

But the Tamil Audience went too far disrespecting the Telugu movie watchers fraternity by alleging with false comments out of anguish of the movie not scoring well at the ticket window. Noted Tamil critics took twitter as stage for this baseless blame game.

But it looked like KANTARA emerged only to smash those comments and running with a good streak at the ticket window.

This ended up proving a fact that no one likes other language films like Telugu audience do , if they have strong content. 

Kantara movie's humongous success is the latest example of this and even in the past too several other language movies were more successful in Telugu than in their original versions like Prema Desam, Yuganiki Okkadu, and many more movies.

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