Kantara - Divine encroachment

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Kantara, the mystical forest is full of surprises and shocks and the good part is that most of them work.

The screenplay gels the slice of life in the woods and the fantastical elements seamlessly. The movie also deals with the power dynamic of tribals and their land rights in connection to a feudal landlord. These elements keep the narrative grounded though it deals with supernatural elements.

Coming to the plot, the core of the film stems from a folktale about a king who offers land to the forest-dwelling community in exchange for his inner peace from the deity of the tribe.

Attempts to any immoral retrieval of land from the tribals by the descendants of the king lead to life threats. In this connection, shiva a sturdy, adamant, fearless youth emerges as a representative of the tribe. Shiva's father was a priest to the deity (panjurli), god speaks through him reaffirming that the land donated by the king belongs to the tribe making it a gospel.

In the politics for the land by the descendant of the king, shiva and his community face challenges regarding land ownership. How shiva faces these challenges, and how the supernatural forces help him in solving the problem has to be seen in the cinemas.

Technically the movie is spectacular, the background score is powerful, the set design feels authentic, camera work beautifully captures the secrets and serenity of the forest. The actors did a good job, special mention to Kishore who played the forest officer. Rishab Shetty shines in all three roles, one as an actor other two being director and writer. He owns the screen in the final act and delivers one of the best physical performances we have seen in a long time. The movie does have a few drawbacks like a mediocre love track, and coarse editing in the middle portions. Overall the film has Setpieces that are arresting. Watch it for Rishab's acting and intriguing screenplay.

Kantara: Divine encroachment to avert human greed

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