Pawan Kalyan in Season2 Finale of Unstoppable 2?

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Unstoppable season 2 has been making huge noise these days for well-known reasons. The first episode with Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh Naidu has been a sensation in the Telugu states.

Now the Second episode's promo has a teaser of a crazy guest list of young sensations of T town, Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Vishwak Sen. The teaser has a lot of energetic moments where Balayya babu showed his prowess in flirting to the boys. 

To the surprise of the audience, we could also see the budding producer Nagavamshee joining the three in the show. Much to raise the curiosity of the visitors, Balayya called Maverick director Trivikram Srinivas and asked him when would he joining the show, "Right away" was Trivikram's reply for which Balayya made a sensational comment spontaneously, " You know whom should you bring along !!". 

This gives obvious answers.

The season always ends with a bang, while we had Superstar Mahesh Babu as the biggest guest of Season1, Now there is huge speculation for Trivikram and Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan to hit the grand finale.

On a lighter note, there are a set of fans who giggled at Trivirkam and Pooja Hegde too. However, just this episode has raised a lot of speculations which includes a movie in a crazy combination of Balakrishna Trivikram co-produced by Geetha Arts and Nagavamsy too.

Let's wait and see what else Unstoppable Season 2 has up its sleeve.

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