SSMB29 - A Globe-trotting “Fantasy” adventure?

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The decade of Mahesh Babu, the Super Star! We think it is safe to call this decade is of the Super Star as the news on his films’ seem to have only one way, NORTH.

While we broke buzz first about Trivikram’s movie being an action bonanza, it now is an update about Mahesh’s next with SS Rajamouli that is making the headlines and our sources close to the movie unit say that the script which is a work in progress also includes an element of fantasy, thereby giving a huge scope for extravagance and VFX.

Add this exciting news on top of the name Rajamouli and the wait for the movie will now seem a loooong one as fans would expect nothing less than an Indiana Jones kind of fantasy action thriller adventure. 

Rajamouli had already begun work on the script and has also been signing with different studios for different crafts of the movie indicating that the visionary director is already clear with his plans and like his last few movies, the canvas of the film seems big, and going by all the news surrounding the movie, HUGE.

While it may be a very long shot to call now, there also has been buzz about Chris Hemsworth, a famous hollywood star being considered for an important part in the film. The sanity of this news is not verified yet.

All said, the hype on the movie, even before there’s nothing but thin air is at a peak and it in no doubt will only be inching higher with every little update.

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