Superstar’s long run continues

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We called it the decade of the Super Star earlier, didn’t we?

And yes, the going doesn’t seem to slow down for Mahesh Babu and while it is not related to his movies, it is his following on Twitter that is the news now as the star hero breached the 13 million mark on Twitter, making him only one of the few Indian celebrities with a such huge following.

The hero started his Twitter journey about a decade back while he was an already established star hero and his back-to-back super hits every now and then kept the shadow of his star power growing, so much that he’s overshadowed many a star and it one of the hot contenders for the #1 position in Tollywood. 

The same has translated into his social media following with him earning fans not just in Tollywood but across the nation. 

The hero’s upcoming movies are ones to watch out for and while the one in sets with Trivikram has been in the news for all the right reasons, his next with Rajamouli seems to have an ever-growing canvas that is getting bigger with each passing day.

It will not be a surprise for the hero to go global after these couple of movies and if he is to make the same impression he’s had on the Tollywood audience, then the current following numbers might just be a fraction of what is to be.

Wishing the Super Star super success with his upcoming releases.

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