The Ghost - Fluctuatingly Adequate

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Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna-Sonal Chauhan-Gul Panag-Anaika Surendran-Jayaprakash-Ravi Verma-Srikanth Iyengar etc.
Music: Mark K Robin-Bharat-Saurabh
Cinematography: Mukesh. G
Additional Screenplay: Abburi Ravi-Abhijit  
Producers: Sunil Narang-Puskur,Rammohan Rao-Sharath Marar
Written-Directed by: Praveen Sattaru


Vikram (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is an interpol officer who resigns from his job due to some reasons. His spouse and colleague Priya (Sonal Chauhan) are also distant from him. One day he gets a call from his sister Anu (Gul Panag), who has been away from their family for many years, while he is doing freelance services when requested by the Interpol officials. When she says that her daughter Aditi is in danger, Vikram puts aside all his work and takes the responsibility of protecting the family. Who targeted Anu's family? Did Vikram find them? Did he save his family is the rest of the story.


Several days before the release of 'The Ghost', a special promo was released about the weapon used by the hero in the film. That made people discuss that weapon and the movie. And since the beginning of the movie 'The Ghost', there are signs that the hero is not an ordinary person.

Some shots show that all the mafia dons come and fall on his feet and seek refuge. That gives a very interesting lead to the flashback and the audience waits very eagerly to see what did hero do to them which made them terrified.

But the flashback ends in two simple fights. Those fights are very stylishly designed. But there is no buildup before them and the emotional connect or trigger was missing during those action scenes. 

'Garudavega', the previous movie of the director Praveen Sattaru was appreciated because of the surprising story and fairly engaging narration. 

But Praveen took a  wrong step this time by choosing a story that doesn't have any specialty. The story outline might look interesting but it needed a tight narration.

The film starts straight with an action sequence and is followed by a romantic song. But what's the hero's profession or designation is not explained properly which led to confusion. Hero's sister's track is very beaten to death. Involving the professional and personal tracks looks like an interesting call at the initial stages.

Some funny encounters between Vikram and Aditi look good though not strong but the pre-interval and interval sequences give a feeling that we are in for a treat.

The build-up and elevations given by the villain about the hero do not match the scenes in the flashback as said above. After a weak flashback, the movie takes its time to settle again. The action moments towards the end came good. But the right amount of connection with the character was already lost. 


Akkineni Nagarjuna seems fine in the role of an interpol officer. His grace can be seen in some scenes. At the same, he was ferocious in the role of a merciless cop. Nagarjuna has to be commended for giving the physique that seems appropriate for the role of a cop at this age. Heroine Sonal Chauhan did not get much scope to perform. Gul Panag has done well in the pivotal role. Anaika Surendran impresses with her nice performance. All the villain characters are newcomers and everyone was alright.

Technical aspects:

Three music directors have worked on the background music of the film. Sounds did not gel with the narration, the background score was too good in some scenes but otherwise, it's underwhelming. Mukesh's cinematography is impressive.

Action sequences are the best part of this movie. Though they lack proper lead scenes, they provide the adrenaline rush feel.

Production values are good. Director Praveen Sattaru could not succeed in both writing and direction. He could engage the audience only at parts. If only he had concentrated on the proper connection to the fights and emotions, this film could have passed the ordinary level.

The Ghost - Thrilling in parts 

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