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Bramhastra which released to huge hype has ended its theatrical run and the film managed to mint good numbers at the box office making it a decent hit.

The unit of the movie is now moving on to building this universe, titled the #Astraverse, and plans now seem to be underway for the second part of the franchise.

While it is already known that the second part of the movie would be revolving around a character named Dev(not divulging more details to not spoil the fun for any viewers waiting for the OTT release), it has been under speculation since the release of Bramhastra that the character of Dev will be played either by Hrithik Roshan or Ranveer Singh. 

But the latest we hear is that the first part’s main lead Ranbir Kapoor himself will be portraying the character of Dev and will be shown in a completely different avatar. Ranbir's this transformation into Dev will be exciting .

However still there are rumors and speculations on Devs character that it will be played by KGFs fame Yash too. Having said that the team officially is yet to confirm this news, but this has already caught fire in the film circuit.

The film Bramhastra has been a face-saving release for Bollywood this year which otherwise has been going through a disastrous phase where even big ticket heroes like Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan failed to rake in numbers at the box office with their releases like Lal Singh Chadda, Raksha Bandhan and Vikram Vedha.

The film’s genre along with an aggressive promotion strategy helped the movie to open well and while the talk was not extremely positive, the movie managed to rake in good numbers at the box office.

With cameos from stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachhan and Nagarjuna, the expectations on the next movies in the #Astraverse also seem to have reached a new peak and this update now might only spice up things for the Ranbir’s fans.

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