55 years for Aadapaduchu

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55 years for Aadapaduchu

1970-1980s are considered as the Golden Period of the Telugu Film Industry. Many classic movies have been released in those times. One such movie completes 55 years today. The film's name is “Aadapaduchu”.

Satyam, a young middle-class man, leads a peaceful life with his brother Shekhar and sister Sarada. He works as a school teacher where he falls in love with his colleague Susheela, but he tells her that he can marry only after her sisters' marriage. Susheela happily agrees for that. However, life takes a massive turn for Satyam after his sister loses her vision and his brother gets married. How the things settled and what problems did he face in the journey forms the rest of the story.

Directed by K. Hemambaradhara Rao under Subhasini Art Pictures banner, the film stars N. T. Rama Rao, Chandrakala, Shobhan Babu, Vanishree, Relangi, Padmanabham, Geetanjali, Chadalavada Kudumba Rao, AV Subbar Rao, Radhakumari, Jhansi, Krishnakumari, Haranath in guest roles. The film also stars Nagabhushanam. 

L. V. Prasad has provided the screenplay for this movie. The film's director Hemambaradhara Rao's brother and another famous director K. Pratyagathma wrote the dialogues for the film. Dasharathi, Arudra, C. Narayana Reddy, Kosaraju and Sri Sri sang songs. 

T. Chalapathy Rao composed the music. The songs of this film are liked by the vintage movie lovers even today. Natural performances from NTR, Shobhan Babu, Chandrakala stand as a testimonial.

The film is based on the Tamil film 'En Thangai' by Narayana Murthy which was released in 1952. The same movie was released in 1959 by Yal.V. Prasad who produced and, directed with the title 'Chhoti Behan' in Hindi. This Hindi film was a success. 'Aadapaduchu' is based on these two films. It was later remade in Kannada as 'Onde Balliya Hoogalu'.

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