Game of thrones in Yashoda?

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Game of thrones in Yashoda?

Yashoda, a film which managed to grab immediate attention with a striking, hard-hitting and interesting trailer is gearing up for a release and while the team is busy wrapping up the final activities for release and promotions with a grin on their faces, the sailing is said to not have all been smooth.

The surface of the waters story is the film runs on an interesting premise of surrogacy features Samantha in the title role, ably supported by the likes of Unni Mukundan, Varu Sharath Kumar, Murali Sharma amongst others. That the directors have designed the characters well and were able to execute the idea on the screen as expected, Varu adds that she played a challenging role in the movie, though not as much as Samantha's, but plays a role equally important, with a tinge of grey shades to it. 

The storm beneath however is that the directors took a lot of stress to keep the lids on the egos of the two leading ladies in the movie Samanth and Varu Sharath Kumar. While the title role is definitely Samantha's, Varu seems to have had strong opinions about equal importance to her role and she being the leading face of movie, which for obvious reasons was not too welcoming for Samantha. And to shoot the scenes amidst all these differences was a herculean task in itself insiders close to the unit say.

All things aside, it should be commended that Hari and Harish managed to complete this film putting a lid to all the differences, however small or big they were, and the film is now set to be released in 5 languages and is also expected to open well.

We wish the hard work of the unit and especially the directors pay off and the movie becomes a smashing hit at the box office.

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