Koratala’s Acharya – The Out of theatre Drama

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Koratala’s Acharya – The Out of theatre Drama

Koratala Siva the maverick director who gave two back to back hits to Superstar Mahesh babu and was on success streak with all his movies being a minimum guarantee products, never tasted a failure till he gave the debacle “Acharya”. Addressing the big elephant It's quite obvious that getting the dates of both Megastar and Mega Powerstar is not an easy thing, moreover after the global acclaim of Charans role as Rama Raju in RRR, the expectations on Acharya would definitely increase and that will not be the only reason for the stakes to rise high, the movie marks the combination of Mega Father and Son in a full length feature film. Considering these factors it's pretty evident that the movie wasn’t dealt well and has left one of the biggest fanbase of TFI disappointed.  


However this is not the first time that a father son combo happened in TFI, we have seen multiple movies in the combinations of Superstar Krishna-Mahesh, SrNTR-Balayya, ANR-Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna-Naga Chaitanya etc which have been directed by a lesser tier directors in certain cases but they at least managed to appeal with an output that fan bases wanted  and few of them were sensational hits too which was not the case with Acharya.


However the after effects of the movie seem to be depressive as the capabilities of the writer director were doubted and the script that was made for Koratlas next #NTR30 had to go through multiple revisions and the film is yet to hit the floors for regular shoot to commence. After the initial dialog promo teaser that was released very long back there wasn’t any buzz around the move and few promotional pics that have circulated around the social media are being considered as a “kanti thudupu charya” to fans who have been waiting for Young Tigers next movie update. It is being heard that the multiple revisions in script and the delays in the making of #NTR30 will have a cascading on the Prashant Neel-Tarak combination schedule too.


While this drama is running more than the days that Acharya ran in theaters we see few indemnified sympathies which neither audience nor Koratala would endorse floating around trying to create an impression that there is a blame game going on and Koratala is being isolated and Acharyas cast and crew are dis-associating themselves from the movie. Whereas we already know that Chiru and Charan have returned a part of their remuneration after the movie's failure to compensate the losses of whoever approached and it's not the first time they are known to do this. Also when questioned on multiple occasions post the failure they have commented and accepted the failure and seem to move on.


In a recent interview with the music director Manisharma, the ace music director was questioned about Acharya and he did speak his heart out about his love for Chiru and his skills when it comes to scoring the BGM for him as he has been doing the same since ages.

He also said that for “Acharya” the director had a different vision and convinced him to score in accordance with the same. Having heard this it's pretty obvious to any Netizen or movie lover that Koratala was successful in convincing every stakeholder, cast and crew involved in the movie successfully but stumbled in delivering a basic output.

So there isn't anyone who is trying to isolate him or playing a blame game.


Success and failures are part of the industry, Stalwarts who have seen failures have learnt to accept it and move on, while others are dwelling in the past and un-intended sympathies wouldn’t help.
Well we do have  faith in Koratala and we sincerely wish that he comes back with his next flick. All the best Koratal Siva. 

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