Like Share and Subscribe- Silly and Irritating

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Like Share and Subscribe- Silly and Irritating

Movie: Like Share and Subscribe

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Santhosh Shobhan-Faria Abdullah-Sudarshan-Govind Padmasurya-Brahmaji-Saptagiri-Raghubabu-Mirchi Kiran-Adugalam Naren-Meem Gopi and others

Music: Praveen Lakkaraju-Ram Miriyala

Cinematography: Vasant

Producer: Venkat Boyanapalli

Written-Directed by: Merlapaka Gandhi

Young Director Merlapaka Gandhi who entertained the audience with his earlier movies like Venkatadri Express and Express Raja. Has now collaborated with Young Hero Santosh Shobhan and made a movie with the trendy title 'Like Share and Subscribe'. Let's if this movie really proves true to its title or not.


Viplav (Santosh shoban) an aspiring youtuber starts a travel vlogging channel inspired by Vasudha Verma (Faria Abdullah) a happening travel vlogger. Viplav's in his viewers hunt ends up in Araku where he happens to meet Vasudha. While the initial Hand shake between Viplav and Vasudha they get kidnapped by a gang of Naxals. Who kidnapped them and why? How did they escape, did Viplav managed to woo Vasudha forms the rest of the story.


Director Merlapaka Gandhi's attempt to narrate a serious story comically fails big time with silly comedy episodes that lack proper situation conviction and timing

Movie has many famous artists and characters but all of them are wasted in unproductive roles. The main story starts with serious topics like the war between the Naxalites and Police, government intervening and trying to mediate and suddenly we are introduced to hero who is a video blogger and led a silly episode around the songs and scenes to increase subscribers for his YouTube Channel.

But as said above the director couldn't blend the comedy portions with the main story and hence all the efforts to make fun look forced. However, it cannot be said that the comedy in movie is completely bad. There were some good laughs here and there. When the hero faces a rowdy batch who try to abuse heroine,.where the hero visualizing the fight with them but in reality he gets beaten by them. Brahmaji's character works in some parts.


Santosh Shobhan has already proved that he is a good actor. He impressed in this movie as well. He played the role of a blogger and his performance was trendy to connect well with the youth. Faria Abdullah seemed fine in the role of Vasudha. Brahmaji was the most impressive in the actors and provided Some good laughs. Tamil actor Adugalam Naren and Mime Gopi have done well in their roles. Sudarshan did get some good dialogues and Saptagiri comedy is okay.

Praveen Lakkaraju and Ram Miriyala's songs were okay. Background music was alright. Vasant's cinematography is good. The visuals are impressive.


Few comedy scenes

Brahmaji's character


Outdated theme of naxals

Silly and boring narration

Irritating taking at few places

Overall the movie fails to entertain except for some comedy scenes here and there, bland narration and confusing story made the movie uninteresting.

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