Tha (music) Man

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Tha (music) Man

Thaman S aka Ghantasala Sai Srinivas who has made his debut about a decade and half is now one of the leading music directors in the Tollywood industry and arguably the best now. The music director who was dragged into music due to family circumstances has made music his mozo and has now excelled at it, making him one of the most sought after musicians in the Telugu states.

Coming from a musician family, this music director,drummer and playback singer started his journey at a very tender age but was full time into it from the age of 11. He worked with several greats of the music like Raj-Koti, Keeravani and Manisharma, who Thaman fondly refers as his guru, for hundreds of movies but made his debut as music director in 2008 with a movie called Malli Malli which released in 2009. 

His first break, however, came in the form of Ravi Teja's Kick which went on to become a blockbuster, and he never had to look back since. He followed it up with super hits after super hits and soon became one of the leading music directors in Tollywood.

In the latter half of the 2010s, however, he has been the 2.0 version of himself, churning out blockbuster songs and excellent background scores. He now has worked with all the top heroes in the industry and has in hand multiple projects of them again for the next couple of years.

We wish him a belated happy birthday and a super successful year ahead.

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