The world cup of revelations

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The world cup of revelations

It is the time of T20 Cricket World Cup and like always, it has been the topic of the internet, clocking record viewership with bizarre wins, unexpected upsets and spirited fightbacks from teams, no matter big or small.

This world cup however, apart from being interesting, has also been a world cup of revelations as many a rule which was buried deep into the ICC code of conduct has made it not just to the news but to the headlines. Let us talk about a few incidents that took place on the field, the decisions taken and whether they were by the book.

1. BAN vs RSA

South Africe were awarded a 5-run penalty for unfair movement of the wicket keeper.

The rule here says that when the ball comes into play, meaning the ball has been released by the bowler in his run up, there shouldn’t be any unfair movement of the keeper until it reaches the batsman. Nurul, who clearly violated the rule drew a 5-run penalty for his action which was awarded ti South Africa who later went on to win the match. However, the rule also calls that the ball be called dead which hasn’t been done by the umpires. So, in this instance, the umpires were half correct.

2. RSA vs ZIM

Zimbabwe were awarded a 5-run penalty as the ball hit DeKock’s removed glove on the ground while still in play.

The rule here states that when a ball is obstructed by an intentionally placed object in the filed, like a helmet or a glove etc., the ball can be deemed a dead ball along with awarding the batting team an additional 5-runs along with whatever runs were taken on that ball. And since the removal of the glove, though with the idea of collecting the ball promptly, was intentional and the relay from Ngidi ricocheted from DeKock’s knee on to the glove, this was considered an obstruction and the penalty was awarded to the batting team. This extra ball, in the last over, though did not impact the South Africans much. It however would have been game changing, considering a situtation where you need 10 of 2 balls. In this case, the umpires were 100% correct.

3. ZIM vs BAN

Boy oh boy! Could this have happened at a better time? The last delivery of the match and the batting team needing five runs. The batter swung the bat with his full might which threw him out of his crease and then the keeper merely did the formality of dislodging the bails. What followed then was a celebration by the players and the audience which was only to be cut short by what could be termed as one of the fantastic calls of a no ball.

The rule states that the keeper’s gloves while the ball is in play before the batter hit it or misses/leaves it, shouldn’t be collected before the stumps which unfortunately was the case here, thereby making it a no-ball. What this call did, was bring back the players from the dressing room again to the field to another thrilling ball, needing 4 of 1 which the batting team unfortunately couldn’t make the most of. And yet again, the umpire’s call in this case was spot on.

4.IND vs PAK

India needed 5 of 3 deliveries. Virat Kohli who was on a sublime plane of his own, was facing the delivery, add on top of it, a free hit. While everyone expected the ball to fly to the stands, much to an anticlimax, it hit the stumps, ricocheted of it and the batsmen ran three bringing the equation down to 2 of 2. The ball being a free hit, the batsman was never supposed to be declared out but the Pakistan players were appealing the 3 byes run were not to be given as the ball is supposed to be dead after it hit the stumps.

The rule indeed says that the ball is dead once it hits the stumps, BUT only when the batsman can be declared out. Since this was a free hit and the batter cannot be out being bowled, the ball is still presumed to be in play and whatever runs the batsmen managed to take would be added to the team’s tally as byes, and in case of a run out, the batsman can be declared out as well. And this decision, which wasn’t overturned helped India pull off what can be termed as one of India’s greatest wins. And the umpires, yet again, were at their best with this call.

With such once in a while happenings on the field happening every other night, this world cup has been up there at the top in being called one of the most entertaining world cups ever. What more does it have in store for the audience…Let us wait and watch.

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