Why Raju Garu?

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Why Raju Garu?

Dil Raju this name needs no introduction when it comes to Telugu Film Industry. Started as a distributor in 1990 he owns one of the reputed production houses in the Telugu states.

Off late, there were multiple instances where his name was heard in the Battle of Releases, be It for movie release dates or for Theatre allocations. Each time we see him coming out with interesting excuses which seem momentarily legit but are silly in the long term. 

Back in 2017 when we had two biggies in race for Sankranthi, he has comfortably placed a third movie and came with a statement saying that, Small movies piggybacking on big releases is nothing which happened for the first time in Industry, and then managed to bag enough profits with that release. A Tamil dubbing movie Bhairava starring Vijay was totally restricted back then and couldn’t manage to get any run in Telugu states for Pongal.

Later in 2019 when we had three different movies namely Kathanayakudu, Vinaya Vidheya Rama and F2, there was a ruckus for Rajini starrer “Petta” theater allocation, then the statement given was, “When we have three Telugu Biggies, how can one expect allocations for a Tamil dubbed movie?” Again, this seems to be an excuse that came out for his due comfort. Then comes 2021 where we had three Telugu movies lined up for Pongal like Krack, Alludu Adhurs and RED but due to a Tamil Dub Movie “Master” brought into picture by Dil Raju, Krack had to face difficulties with release dates and also with theaters despite being a hit. 

Later there were multiple clashes that happened between Warangal Seenu and Dil Raju which were quite evident to the movie fraternity, but nothing changed Dil Raju. Moreover, he takes up the stage in any other irrelevant situations and sheds crocodile tears saying that he is being targeted. This happened recently too in the Love Today event and eventually in the Open Heart with RK interview he faced a question, he was dexterous enough to evade the question. 

In the past few years, we have seen multiple interviews by young heroes who tried a lot not to criticize or complain against him but still try to portray that they are suffering because of the situations which are created unintentionally by him.

Finally, even when it comes to Pongal 2023 the situation remains unchanged. We have two biggies, the historical clash between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Balayya Babu, and unfortunately, they aren’t getting good theaters as we have a Tamil Dubbing movie Vaarisu produced by DIl Raju in the race. The excuse that he would give now if the movie is a bilingual, whereas the movie director in interviews and promotions called it a Proper Tamil movie, The hero doesn’t endorse or promote the Telugu versions, the first precedence for music singles release is given to Tamil version, also when there was a strike in the Industry during the ticket price issues that didn’t affect Varisu as the excuse given was that they are shooting a Tamil movie not a Telugu movie and continued the shoot. 

To be very honest, this multiple stand disorder doesn’t look good from a reputed producer who was known for giving good films. We wish and hope that this changes for the greater good of Telugu Cinema. 

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