Yashoda - Good enough though faltered

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Yashoda - Good enough though faltered


Cast: Samantha-Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar-Unni Mukundan-Rao Ramesh-Sampat-Murali Sharma-Shatru-Kalpika Ganesh-Divya Sripada etc.
Music by: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sukumar
Lyrics: Pulagam Chinnarayana-Challa Bhagyalakshmi
Story-Screen Play-Direction: Hari-Harish

Samantha is one of the heroines who have the ability to bring the audience to the theaters with lady oriented movies in Telugu. She has already impressed the audience with films like U Turn, Oh Baby has now come before the audience as 'Yashoda'. Let's see how the film has shaped up.


Yashoda (Samantha) is a middle-class girl. She agrees to have a baby through surrogacy for money and contracts with a big company and goes to a secluded place for delivery. There she faces some strange experiences and realizes that something wrong is happening there. Yashoda senses that there is some conspiracy behind this, as the women who are ready to deliver go missing one by one. What is that mystery behind all these and how does Yashoda solve it is the rest of the story.


Yashoda's trailer gave an impression that the film is a different effort with some thrilling elements. Hari-Harish, who have done a few different films in Tamil, tried to make another film in the same lines with 'Yashoda'.

The film take off is very intriguing, and the narrative was successful in driving the audience with suspense. In between there are a few fun moments with Samantha and other women in the hospital and a romance track between Samantha and Unni Mukundan which were passable.

The momentum was well-kept until the midpoint, where the expected rise of the titular character arrives. Soon after the post interval the film has a series of twists, all of them not unexpected but were effective.

However, by revealing twists one by one the narration gets into the fast-forward mode because of that the desired effect of the proceedings was not brought, towards climax it feels a bit rushed, but it gives a satisfactory feel in the end.


Samantha carried the film completely on her shoulders. She has been able to show the different shades of the character very well. She was stunning in action scenes as well. Unni Mukundan is nice. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar also impressed in the negative role. Rao Ramesh showed his uniqueness though he has less number of scenes. Sampath Raj, Shatru, Kalpika Ganesh, Divya Sripad, Murali Sharma and others have done well in their respective roles.

Background music by Mani Sharma is an asset to 'Yashoda'. Mani Sharma's BGM played a vital role in showing the intensity in key scenes. There were one or two bit songs which were okay. Sukumar's cinematography is good.

Pulagam Chinnarayana and Challa Bhagyalakshmi's dialogues were good. Director Duo Hari-Harish took a different point and tried to run the movie with an imaginary story. Though they could not present some points convincingly on screen, overall their work was appreciable.

Final Note:

The story of Yashoda's movie has some sparkles as well as some chaos. Otherwise, the movie is not too boring anywhere. It can be said that it is a must-watch for thriller lovers, but not with high expectations.

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