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Gurtunda SeethaKaalam Review

Movie: Gurtunda SeethaKaalam 

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Satyadev, Tamannaah Bhatia, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Priyadarshi and others

Music Director: Kalabhairava

Cinematography: Satya Hegde

Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhupala

Producers: Bhavana Ravi, Nagashekhar, Rama Rao Chintapalli

Screenplay and Direction: Nagashekhar

Satyadev has earned a good name as an actor. He impressed everyone in supporting-villain characters. He has done films in different genres. This time he came up with a love story. Let's see how much Satyadev has impressed with this love story.


Satya dev (Satya dev) is an ordinary middle-class boy. While in school, he fell in love with a girl and was rejected. He then falls in love with another girl named Amrita (Kavya Shetty) in college. But Kavya speaks a little disrespectfully towards him, who is not at all suitable for her in terms of wealth. However, Satya does not want to give up. But Amrita leaves him, citing financial difference as the reason. After that Satya is introduced to Nidhi (Tamannaah), who is his office colleague, both get ready to get married. The rest of the story is how his love life went forward.


A simple story like 'Love Mocktail' was a hit in Kannada, is now remade with Kannada director Nagashekhar as Satyadev in lead role. Looking at the title, we think it's a poetic love story. But the film went on very normally without any twists and turns and test the patience of the audience.

Most of the love stories seem routine. However they called evergreen because even if the story is not new, love stories are driven by a “feel” which audience can easily connect. 

The chemistry between the lead pair should be fantastic. Also, the conflict point should be a little stronger. Yet in case of 'Gurtunda Seethaakalam' it is hard to tick these points. Films that showed love life of the protagonist at different stages of life until marriage are not new in Telugu. 

The school track just comes and goes without offering any feel or Entertainment. Even the College love track also poor except for few funny scenes. When it comes to the third love track in office, the 'soul' in the love story is missing. At the end, the director tried to give a tragic ending and make the hearts heavy, but that effort is in vain. There is nothing to be done except to show Tamannaah in a way that the audience cannot digest.


Satyadev has so far done films in various genres. Even though he tried to cultivate the best output and despite his performance is good, His efforts were wasted due to the lack of content in the storytelling. Tamannaah did a different role this time though her performance was too good in some scenes, her character lacked the depth. Kavya Shetty looked odd, while Megha Akash has nothing to do except look cute. Priyadarshi has done well in the role he is used to as the hero's friend. Harshini acted as his girlfriend, she was fine.


Kalabhairava's songs are not up to the mark. Background music is okay. Satya Hegde's camera work is okay. The director tried to make a classic kind of love story, but his narration was boring and dead slow without no connect to the proceedings on the screen.


Satyadev's performance

Few good scenes in second half


Routine story

Boring and patience testing narration

Lack of emotional depth 

Final Note:

Gurtunda SeethaKaalam is an attempt to make a nice feel good love story but the film fails to be so because of the zero emotions and impact, Satyadev's efforts alone could make this film work.

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