HIT-2 - Engaging Thriller

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Adavi Seshu, HIT 2, Sailesh Kolanu, HIT 2 Reviw
Adavi Seshu in HIT 2


Cast: Adivi Shesh-Meenakshi Chaudhary-Rao Ramesh-Suhas-Harshavardhan-Komali Prasad-Tanikella Bharani and others
Music: MM Srilekha-Suresh Bobbali
Background Music: John Stewart Eduri
Cinematography: Manikandan
Producer: Prashanthi Thipirneni
Writer-Director: Sailesh Kolanu

Director Sailesh Kolanu impressed everyone with his directorial debut investigative thriller movie “HIT”. Turning this into a franchise, he made the sequel HIT-2. With Adivi Seshu playing the lead role and interesting trailer has brought the needed hype for the movie. 

Let's see if 'HIT-2' met the expectations or not!


Krishnadev alias KD (Adivi Shesh) is an SP-level officer in Visakhapatnam's Homicide Intervention Team (HIT). He's atough police officer  and holds a contempt for criminals. In a momentary arrogance, he comments that the criminals are dumb and he can easily catch them. Then he gets a case of a girl's murder case which challenges him. At first, it is assumed as one murder but later found that there are body parts of different girls. With this, KD understands the seriousness of this case and vows to catch the criminal. 

How did he solve this mystery… Who is the killer… What is his intention behind killing the girls… The answer to these questions form the rest of the story.


The movie starts with a well enacted episode which acts like a catalyst for the guessing of audience. After that, it moves on to the regular mode of hero & herione introduction followed by their romance for a while. Just when the boredom feels to start, the narration gets into the main track with the “Raghavudu” part which brings the intriguing factor and becomes more intense towards the interval.

In the second half the pace never gets down and the twist at Climax was terrific. It's not like everything is perfect in the movie, as said above the initial filler scenes shift the focus of the audience, and though the director maintained the suspense without getting into twist for sake of twist kind zone, he missed a trick or few by giving some thrilling and most important scenes in the trailer itself, which lowered those scenes impact. If those scenes were shown directly in the theater, the impact could have been much better. 


Adivi Sesh gave a good performance in the character of a police officer with careless attitude. Even though he doesn't have any heroic moments in the second half, he emotes so well that we'll connect to his character. Meenakshi Chowdary was fine, Komali Prasad looked too good, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Suhas and others were apt.


John Stewart's background music appeared too loud and improper in some places. Manikandan's camera work played a vital role in carrying the mood of the film.
The movie has only one song which is good.


No deviation in the narration

Second half



No wow factor

Some boring moments in first hour

Final Note:

HIT-2 is an engaging investigative thriller which serves the purpose for the most of the part with sticking to the main point, fast-paced narration in the second half and a superbly written climax work for the film. However, the director could have added more thrilling factor.

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