Mukhachitram Trailer Review - Suspense Thriller with Mystery

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Mukhachitram Trailer Review - Suspense Thriller with Mystery

“Mukhachitram” is a mysterious suspense thriller starring Vikas Vashisht—'30 Weds 21' fame Chaitanya Rao - Priya Vadlamani in lead roles. Young hero, Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen played a pivotal role in this. Glimpse has got a good response regarding Vishvak's character, which has already been released.

The makers have unveiled the trailer of the movie "Mukhachitram"which is ready for release. The trailer begins with the story of a plastic surgeon who is in deep confusion after performing plastic surgery on a woman who was involved in a road accident.

How does this issue affect the surgeon's life and those around him? Is the rest of the story. Priya Vadlamani as a woman who underwent plastic surgery is seen as the central point in it. Vikas Vashisht as a surgeon. Chaitanya Rao as his friend.

Vishwak Sen is seen here as lawyer Vishwamitra. Mass Ka Das impressed by wearing a black coat for the first time in his career. There is an element of intrigue and excitement in the trailer. The background score and fast cut visuals add to the intensity.

A new director named Gangadhar is making his debut in the industry with the film "Mukhachitram" which has different story lines. Sandeep Raj of 'Color Photo' fame provided the story – screenplay - words for this movie. It featured Ayesha Khan—Ravi Shankar in other roles.

Presented by SKN, 'Mukhachitram' is jointly produced by Pradeep Yadav Angirekula and Mohan Ella under Pocket Money Pictures - Movie Minds banners. Kala Bhairava composed the music and Srinivas handled the cinematography. Pawan Kalyan did the editing work.

The makers are gearing up to release the movie 'Mukhachitram' on December 9. It has to be seen what kind of success this film will get which has aroused the interest of the audience.

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