Panchatantram - Decent and satisfying

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Director Harsha Pulipaka

Writers Harsha Pulipaka(story)Sandeep Raj(dialogue)

Cast SamuthirakaniBrahmanandamDivya Sripada


Veda Vyasa Murthy (Brahmanandam) retires from All India Radio and he wants to write stories, publish them and looks to give the readers a whole new experience. However, he is discouraged by his daughter, Dr. Roshni (Swati). She underestimates her father and says him it is not possible for him to explain stories that please the younger generation, but Veda Vyasa Murthy believes that he can tell the stories requested by the publishers and distributors, he goes to the story telling competition. He explains five stories and those narratives based on the five senses and all the stories should have an interlink. 


The first story based on vision tells us the story of a software engineer who wishes to see the seashore, while the second one is based on taste depicts the tale of a young guy who wants a perfect life partner, and also he intends to remember the girl he loved in childhood and want to soak the memories once again. Both are feels good and youthful stories. 

The third story based on smell is quite different. This is the story of an afraid man that his daughter might face fatal danger as she's pregnant, and her delivery date is nearing. He suffers from mental illness because he sees his died mother in his daughter. What is the connection between his mother and daughter forms the crux of the story.

The fourth one, which is based on touch, shows the plight of a middle-class couple. The married couple face unexpected difficulties and their lives are in turmoil. How they deal with those difficult situations and stand for each is illustrated in a very heartfelt manner.

The last story is the tale of a disabled radio jockey and a little girl. What made these two connect and how did they inspire each other is presented emotionally which melts your heart.


Naresh Agastya and Sreevidya Maharshi played the lead characters in the first story and they were neat. Rahul Vijay and Shivathmika Rajasekhar played key roles in the second story, though they both looked appropriate, Shivatmika scores more with her well portrayed act. Samudrakhani and Divyavani played key-roles in the third story and they were good. Divya Sripada and Vikas Muppala played the major roles in the fourth story, they both were natural, while Colors Swathi and Adarsh Balakrishna are seen in the fifth story, and they were adept. Baby Praanya P Rao was cute, while Uttej was terrific.

Brahmanandam plays the character of a narrator who tells these five stories to the audience. It was so satisfying to see him in a dignified character after a longtime. Singer Madhu, Mirchi Hemanth, Surabhi Prabhavathi, Roopalakshmi, and others were fine. 


Director Harsha Pulipaka extracted natural performances from almost all the star cast, and he has written great dialogues as well. Especially in the second story, the dialogues between Rahul and Shivathmika are impressive. Technicians include Prashant R Vihari and Shravan Bharadwaj's music and Gary B. H. Editing and cinematography by Raj K Nalli are good.

Veda Vyasa Murthy initially says that these stories are based on the five senses. However, the importance of these five stories should have been shown more effectively. Also, it would have been better if it was more clear why Veda Vyasa Murthy's daughter got so connected to the character in the fifth story.

Final Note:

Overall Panchatantram is a nicely made anthology with interesting ideas and natural performances, more stress on the emotional depth and a bit more detailing at few parts could have made it much special.

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