RRR sets eye on OSCARS

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RRR sets eye on OSCARS

RRR was a massive success when the film was released in theaters. After its release on OTT, the film has trended for 10 weeks. Hollywood's directors and writers who watched the film also congratulated the film and expressed a hope that the film will get an Oscar award. 

Within a few days, they widely reported that RRR is likely to go to the Oscar nominations from India. But RRR could not overcome the real hurdle in India itself.

The Gujarati film "Chelo Show” was chosen as the official Oscar entry for India. The committee sent the film to the Oscars, contrary to everyone's expectations that RRR will be selected on behalf of India. Those who had hoped to compete in the best foreign category film were left disappointed.

However, the makers of ‘RRR’ did not lose hope and started campaigning the film for Oscars for the selection committee to watch and allow the picture to contest from the US under the below-mentioned categories.

The lists of categories include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Original Song, amongst others.

NTR and Ram Charan's dancing skills need little introduction. Their name is the first of the outstanding dancers in Tollywood. Rajamouli wanted to mesmerize the entire world by showing the dancing skills of such stars to the entire world with “Natu Naatu”song.

The Scott Feinberg horoscope predicted that the song 'Natu Naatu' will win an Oscar in the Best Original Song category. The chances that Scott's prediction coming true seem to be the highest. If that happens, the song 'Natu Natu' is certain to bring the Oscars to India. Scott also said that 'RRR' is likely to give a tough competition to the films that will stand in the Best Picture category, not just in the original song category. It looks like 'RRR' is assured to make a Hollywood debut.

The cast and crew of RRR Movie nailed the prestigious HCA Spotlight Winner Award! Earlier this week, the film won Best International Picture at the 2022 Atlanta Film Critics Circle Awards. SS Rajamouli has also bagged the best director award at the New York Film Critics Circle.

By seeing all the craze and appreciation RRR has gathered, netizens and movie-goers opine that the Indian committee made a big mistake by not selecting RRR for the Oscars. Many criticize that the committee should have noticed the impact which RRR has created.

Putting all the criticism behind, we hope and wish that RRR not only gets nominated for the Oscars, but it also will win the Oscar Awards and make the Indian industry and audience proud.

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