Pathaan - Return of the King

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Pathaan - mighty comeback of King Khan

21st December 2018. There was a great anticipation for the film Zero to be the comeback vehicle for SRK, but unfortunately that one was a toast too, like the ones that came before it. And for a long time after, there was no news about him. This was the time when most people believed his chapter was over, that he had nothing left to offer and that he should retire. For a man who has unlimited energy and a certain zest for his craft and life, it was devastating to see him say he doesn’t feel like acting anymore. 

Cut to January 2023, and here is SRK’s Pathaan reviving an ailing Bollywood. The team of Zero used the phrase, “Film Nahi Feeling Hai” (Nausea in that case), but I feel that this applies to Pathaan. It’s a racy crowd-pleasing popcorn flick, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a celebration of the myth of Shah Rukh Khan, and the greatest comeback story of Bollywood. Furthermore, it seemed like meeting a family member after a long time, and I am sure everyone else in the theater on the first day felt the same. He is back with his spirits high once again and seemed to have had a blast playing a role after a long time.

For a man who has the image of having a penchant for romantic genre, giving comeback with an actioner like Pathaan wasn't expected. But the audience reception and hungama around Pathaan for just 3 days shows how extreme the crowd wanted Shahrukh Khan to get back at his position.

Pathaan as a film has its share of flaws, but what Siddharth Anand gets right is presenting SRK entertainingly while promising to deliver much more with him in the next outing of his spy verse.

Seeing this euphoria for Pathaan at theaters everywhere gives a intangible joy. It’s about being okay with holding on to a few things from childhood, mainly my connection with SRK. Thank you to Siddharth Anand and the entire team of Pathaan for the perfect buildup to this moment, against many odds. This is just the beginning. Picture abhi baakhi hai….

From an ardent fan of Shahrukh Khan.

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