Harom Hara - Flawed but Aspiring

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Movie: Harom Hara
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast:  Sudheer Babu, Malavika Sharma, Sunil, V. Jaya Prakash, Ravi Kale and others
Director: Gnanasagar Dwaraka
Produced By: Sumanth G Naidu
Release Date: 14th June 2024


Subramaniam (Sudheer Babu) finds himself unemployed after a confrontation with the local mafia in Kuppam, leading to his dismissal as a lab assistant. Devi (Malvika Sharma), his girlfriend and colleague, stands by him during this difficult time. Subramaniam's friend Palani Saami (Sunil) inadvertently suggests the idea of starting a gun manufacturing business, which Subramaniam decides to pursue. As he delves into the world of crime, he becomes a prominent figure in the area. The story unfolds as he begins selling his guns to various buyers, ultimately leading to unforeseen consequences. Harom Hara delves into the aftermath of these events.


Sudheer Babu's performance in Harom Hara was a standout, demonstrating his versatility in a complex, grey-shaded role. His portrayal was nothing short of exceptional. Malvika Sharma, despite her limited screen time, delivered a satisfactory performance. Sunil, in his significant supporting role as Palani Saami, breathed life into the character with his impeccable portrayal, capturing the essence of Kuppam slang and body language. Jayaprakash and the rest of the cast also played their respective roles effectively. Akshara Gowda, as a sincere police officer, unfortunately, seemed to be typecasted.

What worked for the film:

Apart from Sudheer Babu's earnest performance, it is important to highlight the exceptional music composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj in Harom Hara. While the songs are decent, the background music truly shines during the fight scenes. The BGM stands out as a standout feature of Harom Hara. Additionally, the cinematography is of high quality. As far as the narrative is concerned, The film Harom Hara begins with a standard setup before swiftly transitioning into action-packed scenes, which adds an intriguing element. The well-executed fight sequences and exceptional background music enhance the overall viewing experience. While the romantic storyline may seem subdued and conventional, the action sequences in the first half capture the audience's attention. The interval action sequence stands out as the film's highlight despite its lengthy duration, keeping viewers captivated. The second half's initial episodes also keep the momentum, while the entire buildup around the Hero's release from jail at the Pre climax worked well for the film.

What did not work for the film:

The latter part of Harom Hara, despite a fiery start, follows a predictable path and maintains this trajectory throughout. From the typical scenes of the main character transforming into a mafia boss with godlike qualities to a sincere police officer determined to apprehend him, Harom Hara adheres closely to a familiar formula. This reliance on clichés, coupled with the film's lack of originality in the second half, results in a slower pace and a lack of excitement. While there is no shortage of antagonists, their characters never pose a real threat to the protagonist. The conventional family drama involving Malavika Sharma and Jayaprakash fails to evoke the necessary emotional response.

Harom Hara Review and Verdict:

The impressive action scenes and refreshing backdrop/accent of Chittoor work well for the film, along with Sudheer Babu's performance. However, the ineffective drama and uninteresting proceedings in the latter half work against the director's intentions.

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