Here comes a New Storyteller

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What does it take to make a feel good movie?

 An incident which everyone can relate to...

An environment which everyone can easily adapt to...

Fresh and pleasing visuals and hummable music...

Wrap these ingredients in a tortilla off two giant families, add sensible humor, small twists and turns and few emotions here and there (not too much to make the dish commercial) BINGO you got the feel good entertainer you are looking for. 

            Way back in the 2000s a superlative flavor of the above said was the bread and butter of the then (even now a good ) one of the TOP directors KRISHNA VAMSHI , later with the changing trends and time we rarely got to see this kind of movies which could appeal the senses of family audience, Love stories on the other had also seems to be outdated or un related routines that could pull audience to theater or convince the targeted audience irrespective of the platform where you are watching it.

              Then comes this 26 year old young guy in 2019, he called himself “Story Teller Kola” aka RAVI KIRAN KOLA with a beautiful love story called ‘Rajavaru Ranigaru’ a movie which would keep you locked in small town travel along and emote with a small town characters for the 2+ hours you are watching it though the contemporary audience wouldn’t have heard much about it , it does deliver what the story teller promised the audience.

             The next Story Ravi Kiran choses to tell forms the core subject of the long intro that has been given so far. A story in which Ravi shows the problems of Arjun Kumar Allam (played by Vishwak Sen) an about to be age bar bridegroom and his urge to get married asap. A very contemporary and relatable topic (I would say) that can happen in everyone’s life. This story has been narrated with subtle humor that’s generated due to the day to day lifestyle and hospitality differences between the Telangana and Andhra families. The recent famous Goparaju Ramana ( Middle Class Melodies fame) and Kadambari Kiran take the lead to generate the necessary humor in portraying the comedy of regional barriers.

Rukshar Dhillon and Rithika add the necessary flower power to the movie and Ravi's staple comedian Rajkumar Kasireddy also gets to generate few laughs here and there.

            The main essence which makes this narration worth watching is the team work in showing beautiful visuals from Karthik Palani, crispy editing from Viplav Naishadam and a joyful music composition from Jay Krish, three chartbusters which doesn’t tamper the flow of the narration. Having this young blood in the team , Ravi Kiran Kola was to be called successful in running the show with Vidya Sagar Chinta in narrating us a beautiful feel good love story...

                            ASHOKA VANAM LO ARJUNA KALYANAM

Now streaming in AHA 

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