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A futile attempt of an attention seeking Tamil Twitter critic to dig at Telugu audience resulted in a big back lash from Telugu Twitterati.

Going into the details , one the eve of the PS-1 World wide release, after hearing the mixed feedback one of the critics passed out a loose comment from his twitter handle in a harsh tone, in which he said 

"We have no issues with Telugu movies winning big in Tamilnadu. But if u wantedly try to bring a tamil movie down - we will hit back for sure !".

This irked the Telugu Twitterati big time and the responses turned out into a tweet war. Need less to be a film critic any pea brain would know the extent of how much Telugu audience embrace Tamil cinema .

Not only star hero movies like Rajini, Kamal, Ajith, Surya, Karthi, Vikram, Vishal and Vijay, there are instances where moves which couldn't do well in Tamizh but have recieved decent reception in Telugu.

If questioned further Telugu Audience end up embracing Vijay Antony, Uday Stalin, GV Prakash, Arun Vijay, Jeeva, Adith arun and Vikram Prabhu movies too. 

Yuganiki okkadu aka Aayirathil Oruvan was a bigger hit in Telugu, recently we had a re release of Dhanush's 3 movie in Vizag which ran full houses. All these are examples which are needless to be quoted .

For the sake of discussion if the topic is about the reception of Telugu movies in Tamizhnadu then the reception is inversely proportional, but neither Telugu audience or critics comment about this.

Having said all these, it will be better if the so called crtice refrain from cheap baiting tweets and speak healthy cinema.

~ A Movie lover

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