Not own, but loaned success for Allu Aravind and Akkineni Nagarjuna

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Not own, but loaned success for Allu Aravind and Akkineni Nagarjuna

In a strange turn of events, straight films have not been able to mint money at the box office for Allu and Akkineni families while dubbed films managed to perform better than their expectations. 

Getting into the details, Mega Star Chiranjeevi and King Nagarjuna made available to the audience their movies on October 5th for Dussera in the form of Godfather and Ghost respectively but both of them only turned out duds at the box office. 

While Godfather managed to mint a total of more than 50 crores worldwide, The Ghost was a complete washout and turned out a commercial disaster.

While these films did not turn out money spinners for them, dubbed movies, in the form of Kantara and Sardar have turned out to become trump cards for this Diwali season. 

Kantara, a Kannada film, produced by KGF producers, Hombale Films was dubbed and released in Telugu by Allu Aravind through Geetha arts and this film managed a dream run minting a gross of above 25 crores and still running with packed houses in the two Telugu states.
Considering this to be a movie with literally no known faces, it should be considered an excellent achievement.

On the other hand, King Nagarjuna struck gold with Sardar, which features Karthi in the lead role, the rapport between the duo who worked together for Oopiri earlier helping Karthi make inroads into the Telugu release through Annapurna studios.

Geetha Arts didn't have proper success in recent days but Kantara has provided relief for them with its humongous success.

All said, while our films couldn’t give our heroes the expected results, dubbed films did. It is a strange time we live in.

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