Adipurush makers not getting it right

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AdiPurush makers not getting it right

The happenings of Adipurush seem to be going sour with every passing day has already been in circulation for a few days about the postponement, the director has made it official and has also announced a new release date, 16th of June 2023.

While the news of postponement is already in circulation, now has irked the fans of Prabhas as the team has pushed the release by a good five months, and on top of it, a release date which does not seem to have any advantage whatsoever. 

The release seems to have no holidays around to take maximum advantage of and is not a season like summer to have a long run with students starting their academic year.

In addition, the film, especially the 3D version will face tough competition in managing good screens with the likes of Spiderman across the Spiderverse and Transformers: Rise of the beasts releasing nearby. 

Overseas distributors will have a tough time acquiring decent 3D screens amidst such competition.

In the domestic market too the film is expected to share screens with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawaan most probably which is slated for a release on the 2nd of June. 

All said, the team did not seem to have picked a good date for the release of the film and the reasons for such a bizarre decision should only be known to them. Fans however are not happy and have already started looking beyond for the updates of Salaar and Project K.

For a movie which started with huge buzz to this now, it should be considered a steep downfall.

Would the film stand firm across all the negativity and emerge a winner? Let us find out on the 16th.

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