Aha Naa Pellanta - Watchable Web Series

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Aha Naa Pellanta - Watchable Web Series

Web Series: Aha Na Pellanta

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Raj Tarun - Shivani Rajasekhar - Harshavardhan - Amani - Posani Krishna Murali - Getup Srinu - Madhunandan - Thagubothu Ramesh - Bhadram - Raghu etc.

Music: Jaduh Sandy

Cinematography: Nagesh Bunnel - Akshar Ali

Lyrics: Kalyan Raghava

Editor: Madhu Reddy

Story - Screenplay: Sheikh Dawood

Producer: Surya Rahul Tamada - Saideep Reddy Borra

Directed by: Sanjeev Reddy

Along with movies for the big screen, web series have become available in OTTs to entertain the audience. Web series in Telugu also gained momentum after the pandemic. Popular OTT Zee5 is trying to impress the viewers with latest movies and original series. In this order, the series "Ah Na Pellanta!” has been brought before the audience. Now let's see how the new Web Series of Raj Tarun and Shivani Rajasekhar in lead roles has been made.


Srinu (Raj Tarun) doesn't even look at the girls because of his promise to his parents Sushila (Amani) and No ball Narayana (Harsha Vardhan) as a child. Whenever he looks at the girl, he believes that something bad will happen to his father. His parents fix his marriage with a girl. At the time of marriage , the bride elopes up with her boyfriend. After suffering a lot because of the incident, he moves to another city for a job. But there Srinu learns that Maha (Shivani Rajasekhar) is the reason for his marriage to be ruined by the bride's father Mahendra (Posani Krishna Murali). Srinu, wants to take revenge by ruining her marriage, What kind of difficulties did Srinu face in doing so? How did the relationship between Srinu and Maha blossom? To know answers for all the questions, you have to watch the web series “Aha Na Pellanta!”

Aha Na Pellanta' series has been made with the concept of bride eloping with mixing comedy and emotional elements with small twists. Each episode has a different name like Terasala - Panigrahanam - Brahmamudi - Saptapadi - Arundhati Nakshatram - Jeelakarra Bellam - Madhuparkam - Mangalasutra Dharana which are related to marriage. But it must be said that making the story into eight episodes for this has become a problem.

The first episode starts with Srinu telling about his life. And ends with his marriage breaking up. Everything in between is character introductions which are used to elevate Srinu's character. In the second episode, there is a plan to kidnap Maha.. Maha will make an entry from the third episode. All these proceedings move very slowly with routine scenes but filled with. Occasional laughs.

From the mid-portion the Web Series starts to engage with the fun parts. The comedy was generated decently. Ravi Siva Teja and Trishool, who played the friends of Raj Tharun, entertain and ramp up the comedy, though the slow pacing here and their bores.

The series’ plot is formulaic and gives a sense of déjà vu. The songs were weaker and BGM is adequate. However, editing must have been crisper. Cinematography is also good… Dialogues were written nicely.

Coming to performances Raj tarun as a cool youngster is perfect, and it is good to see him into his forte after a long time, Shivani is apt, and her role is smartly written.

The comedy gang and Harshavardhan steal the show completely, harshavardhan owns the role of no ball narayana like a boss. Other main characters including Amani, Posani, Getup Shrinu, Thagubothu Ramesh have acted to the extent of their scope. Ravi Teja and Trishul who acted as Raj Tarun's friends got more screen space. Rajkumar Kasireddy of 'Rajavaru Ranigaru' fame impressed with his dialogue delivery, even though he was limited to a few scenes.

The director made sure that the series run on light-hearted entertainment for the most of the part, and he succeeded in getting the comedy quotient right. Having said this, he could have worked on the central theme and the emotional content more to make the proceedings more gripping, he must be appreciated for delivering the clean and wacky entertainer.

On the whole, unlike regular web series, 'Aha Na Pellanta' has been designed as a series that the whole family can watch together. Since it is filled with clean entertainment, this series is a suitable option for the audience to watch in weekend.

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